Dedication to the client.
Loyalty to justice.
Respect for ethics.

Dedication to the client.
Loyalty to justice.
Respect for ethics.

Our commitment since 1970.

Our commitment since 1970.

Since 2008, ACC is one of the
most admired Brazilian Law Firms
(Ranking Análise 500).

Since 2008, ACC is one of the
most admired Brazilian Law Firms
(Ranking Análise 500).



About Us

About Us


The ACC is renowned for the efficiency, dynamism and seriousness in rendering legal services. Therefore, it brings together the legacy of its founder, Carlos Fernando Correa de Castro, the expertise of ACC team and to the curiosity and energy of young talents, all with distinguished knowledge aimed at structuring effective legal solutions.

Associations and Partnerships

In addition to its staff, ACC maintains permanent partnerships and association with professionals specialized in the criminal law, labor law and taxation.

Legal Network

ACC has a network of qualified correspondent lawyers in each Brazilian state and abroad, all of them with the expertise to serve ACC and our clients in cases of all complexity.

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years of history

Our History

Our History




Beginning of ACC's history of achievements. Young professionals from renowned Law Schools joined forces, consolidating a law firm and took on the challenge of providing distinguished legal services into the Brazilian market.




Citibank / Citigroup kicked off its operations in State of Parana, a milestone in the state's economic development history and since then has been served by ACC. The real estate market of Parana had been highlighted in the national scenario, with Imobiliária 2000 being one of its largest players, counting on ACC's advice.




The new Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil was enacted, which was innovative in the guarantee of fundamental rights and regulating social and economic relations. The ACC was focused on analyzing the impacts of the new legal framework on the activities of its clients and on the social relations.




The Consumer Law Code was enacted as a consequence of guarantees established by the Federal Constitution. ACC structured legal services to support companies directly affected by the new legislation, being renowned as a referential law firm on consumer relations issues.




The new economic plan - Real Plan enter into effect on July 10th. Its purpose was of stabilizing the Brazilian economy and containing hyperinflation. ACC worked closely with its clients to mitigate risks and to identify opportunities for potential results into the country's new economic reality. Especially in the context of market opening, ACC participated in the implementation of important foreign direct investment projects.




The French automaker Renault arrived in Brazil and settled in the Ayrton Senna Complex in São José dos Pinhais (Parana). Since then, ACC assists the automaker throughout Brazil.




The Japanese automaker Nissan arrived in Brazil and installed itself in São José dos Pinhais (Parana) and, since then, is nationwide served by ACC. Filing of the new legal structure of the Correa de Castro & Associados Law Firm at OAB/PR (Brazilian Bar Association) under nº 796.




The new Civil Code entered into force on January 11th. The new text modernized the rules related to Civil Law according to the evolution of society and the principles of the 1988 Constitution. ACC structured a task force to analyze the impacts of the new legislation for the activities of its clients.




Founded in 1891, with presence in Brazil since 1927, Michelin - a reference in mobility service – from then on has been serviced by ACC. Curitiba is a model in BRT and ACC begins to service Transport Collective Glória, a renonowned company in the public transport area.




The RCI Bank with presence in the national market from then on counts on the advice of the ACC.




Brazil is experiencing a moment of changes with the presence of social movements in the streets over the country. Amid the turmoil, companies trust in the national economy, intensifying their investments. DAF Trucks begins its industrial operation and is now supported by ACC.




The Civil Rules for Internet (Law 12.965 / 2014) was enacted. The new legislation stated principles, guarantees and duties of internet users in Brazil. ACC developed an awareness-raising working on the new legal framework for the virtual world.




The new Civil Procedure Code (CPC) came into force and replaces the 1973 law. Its main goal was to speed up court proceedings. The new legislation also encourages extrajudicial ways to solve conflicts, among other advances. ACC promoted the prompt updating of its team to boost the results for its clients due to the new civil process dynamics. The Volkswagen Group and Audi bore the mark of 2.5 million vehicles assembled in Brazil, and, in the same year, started to be serviced by ACC.




The second largest dental implant company in the world, Neodent, part of the Straumann Group, became one of the largest companies served by ACC.




Embracon, one of the largest consortium agent company in Brazil (Administradora de Consórcio), integrated the list of reference companies advised by ACC.




The OAB Statutes is celebrating 25 years. Paccar Financial begins its operation into the Brazilian market, with the establishment of Banco Paccar, which is now being serviced by ACC.




Currently, ACC is renowned for the confidence and solidity in serving individuals, national and multinational companies, in legal consultancy and litigation areas.


Our Mission

Attending clients efficiently, offering creative solutions, within high ethical and professional standards.

Our Vision

Bringing together experience and innovation, with wide expertise and insertion in social and economic reality, our learning is permanent and focused on the quality of the provided services and improvement of professional and personal relationships.

Our Values

  • Ethic
  • Loyalty
  • Technical Expertise
  • Full customer dedication
  • Respect to all related parties

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